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Welcome to Eskan Bank

We are a leading mortgage lender and real estate finance developer in the Kingdom of Bahrain, dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions, developing cohesive communities and improving the quality of life for all Bahrain citizens. We also offer services and advice in insurance, corporate, investment and Islamic banking solutions.

Eskan Bank Online Banking

Eskan bank in collaboration with eGovernement Authority in Kingdom of Bahrain would like to welcome you to Eskan Bank online banking services. The services aim to provide user satisfaction and ease of use and taking the banking experience to a higher level by providing a more convenient method of electronic banking.

About the Service:

Eskan Bank eServices provide the ability to their customers with added advantage of securely accessing their account and manage the following:

  • Account Summary: View the summary of account details.
  • Transactions History: View beneficiary account transactions within the selected period.
  • Housing Loan: View social housing loan, loan history and social loan decrees.
  • Loan Overdue: View and Pay Social Loan/Overdue.
  • Returned Cheques: View returned cheques details.
  • Official Statements: Request for official statement and pay the fees online.
  • Alternative Payer: Assign an alternative Payer to bear all loan payment cost.
  • Repayment Calculator : View Early Repayment, calculate loan full repayment, request and pay for outstanding balance certificate.
  • Beneficiary Info: Update beneficiary personal Information.


  • For Registered users:
  •  -  Please click the "Login" button
     -  For additional protection of your privacy; you will be directed to the Electronic Key (eKey) to enter your login credentials
     - Upon successful login, you will return to the current eService page

These services are provided by Eskan Bank


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